Shop Local

Shop Local Shopping in Aberdeen is the smart thing to do... for you, your wallet, and our community. For every dollar spent locally, at least 45 cents is reinvested locally. That's money going towards bettering our community. It could mean better paying jobs for our neighbors, family or friends. Or it could be improved infrastructure for all of us.

You can find anything you need locally, and if you can't, odds are the business owner can get if for you. Just ask. Local businesses value, respect and appreciate your patronage. They want, and need, your business. Independent shops create distinctive shopping experiences and stock different products. Local businesses respond quickly to the needs to local customers, stocking products to meet the changing population needs.

Did you know that the Aberdeen Chamber offers a Shop Local Gift Card Program? The Aberdeen gift card program is an ongoing promotion that circulates over $200,000 in Aberdeen businesses each year. They make great gifts for employees, family and friends. The gift cards are purchased at the Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce and can be used for everything from buying groceries to paying local bills. There is no charge for cards thanks to our local sponsor Dakota Broadcasting.